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第2回:Sample presentation and speech from Bill Clinton

「 Persuasive Business Presentations 」は英語でその技術を学ぶ実践的な科目です。


科目名 Persuasive Business Presentations
執筆担当 岩本進也さん 2010年MBA取得
第2回(全6回) Sample presentation and speech from Bill Clinton
作成 2015/4/30

E-mail magazine 2 indicates an example to instruct good persuasive speech. This speech was delivered by former U.S president, Bill Clinton in town meeting with Tetsuya Chikushi in 1998. The ordinal speech has crucial techniques that educated person often use to persuade their counter parts.
Question: How to Handle the Highly Demanding and Stressful Work as President
The start of speech;

[ Technique1 ]

Well, of course, sometimes you want to get away from it.
But I think the important thing is: not to be overwhelmed by work.

[ Technique2 ]

…, that only people have these jobs, and you have to take some time for family and some time for recreation.
 1. I spent a lot of time reading I probably read more than I did before President.
 2. I exercise every day.
 3. I play golf a lot. Not as much as I wish, but some, and certainly not as well as I wish
 4. And I try to stay in touch with my family members beyond our home and also my friends around the country.

[ Technique3 ]

And all these things help to keep balance in my life.
–I try to make sure the weekends.
–I spend time with my family.
–I take time to attend my church service.

I do the things that remind me that I am a normal person, and I need a balanced life.
And I think that’s important.
============================================ End of speech
He intends to use these three techniques as below;

[ Technique 1: Concession and denial ]

This is a technique to make more impression of your opinion. First you intend to present the issue which might have opposite meaning to you, but in second hand you will deny it by more persuasive reasons.

[ Technique 2: Use concrete examples more than two ]

This is a technique that you use when you explain something. It’s using more than two examples to persuade more effectively. When you show example, the more different each example would be, the more persuasive your presentations are.

[ Technique3: From abstract to specific ]

Actually, this is the most important technique. Naturally, general person can understand easily through this way from abstract to specific.

I think Clinton uses these techniques in such a tiny speech intentionally or unconsciously because he has been educated since his youth. So his speech is really clear and persuasive consequence of delivering persuasive speech might have him U.S president.

Before learning persuasive presentation, please check your own ways of speech!