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第1回:Introduction to Persuasive Business Presentations

「 Persuasive Business Presentations 」は英語でその技術を学ぶ実践的な科目です。


科目名 Persuasive Business Presentations
執筆担当 岩本進也さん 2010年MBA取得
第1回(全6回) Introduction to Persuasive Business Presentations
作成 2015/4/22

Successful business person has presentation skills

I imagine that there are a lot of people who have bitter experiences that they could not deliver what they want to say. Meanwhile, there are people who can deliver their true intentions attractively and easily, such as Steve Jobs, ex-CEO of Apple Inc. and Akira Ikegami, a Japanese prominent journalist and writer. And do not forget the person, our chancellor Kenichi Ohmae.

How do you think those person in common?

I believe they have the same skills that they can provide comprehensible explanations.
They utilize the common techniques in their presentations. Ordinarily these skills are not taught in Japanese education.
After learning the skills, l strongly came to believe that the first step to fight globally is to have the persuasive business presentation skills.

Course outline and outcome

Persuasive Business Presentation is the course that provides you to obtain an ability of delivering effective presentation. After taking the course, you could understand that there are concrete techniques to make your presentations successful. U.S. Presidents and almost of all successful business managers have learned these kinds of techniques from their youth.
Once you learn these skills from the course, you can have audiences understand effectively.

Let me deliver main tips through 5 mail-magazines.

First mail-magazine will provide some introductions concerning general presentations and speeches “How to speak effectively and persuasively” which is used by former president, Bill Clinton. Following magazines will show you the other 4 tips via consecutive other 5 magazines as below;
 1. Sample presentation and speech from Bill Clinton
 2. Opening presentation
 3. Make body
 4. Closing presentation
 5. Use visual effectively

Recommended books

Before presentation, I would like to introduce you to the books related to speeches.
You may want to check your speech ways in order to deliver persuasive presentation.

『 言葉でたたかう技術 』
一方、この本は著者が戦後、死ぬ思いで英語を技術として習得して来たことが分かるのです。 アメリカに自費で渡って、敗戦国の差別を受けながら、一個人が「真珠湾の責任取れ!」といわれる環境でどうやって、言葉だけの力で生き抜いて、自分を守ってきたかが書かれています。